There has been a lot of anime release lately and i'm getting lag behind because of the school works. Perhaps it has already make me lose my pace before but this won't stop me in hunting more anime out there >:) So here are my planned animes (and now watching) to watch this month! (and probably the next too).

5. Eureka Seven Ao

Its predecessor Eureka Seven, is one of the best animes out there. So who doesn't want to watch its sequel. Got to jot this down on my list.

4. Hyouka

Recently, i'm starting to watch series that aren't action-based. Well, if you're thinking that its a normal high school anime where nothing special happens. Then it is not the case. Hyouka has a mystery punch between the lines of school, and detective work. Here, the main protagonist is an apathetic boy who doesn't care much about his surroundings even more if it tires him out. All those things have changed upon meeting a girl in a school club he joined.

3. Accel Zero

This is new for me. A fat anime main character playing in the scenes. Yes. He is literally drawn chubby and stout which is disparagingly not equally match for our beautiful heroine. At first glance. I correct. at first glance. I think its interesting though. So basically, the anime concentrates on a school boy who has a very low self esteem in reality, but in a widespread game played, he is a top notch game guru. Anyway, i still haven't watch it so.. we'll see

2. Fate/Zero II

The prequel of the series Fate Stay Night. Fans who have watched the first released anime is obliged to also watch this. Why not? I wouldn't want to miss out some important parts not mentioned in the sequel. Besides, the series is amazingly good!

1. Sankarea

Lalalala. Okay, to be honest. I was attracted to this girl. She looks like Enma Ai/Ririchiyo/Sawako. It reminds me of a lot of anime characters with that type of hair. Considering she's also beautiful and all. Anyway, the story too is also new to me. It isn't obvious that she turned into a zombie looking very humanlike. Basically, the main character made a potion of reviving his dead dog. Unfortunately, this girl took that potion and drank it. Nothing happened though at the start, but upon committing suicide the effects of the potion had taken over. Transforming her into a living zombie. talk about an of the hook concept.

Complete Anime Series Review: Ano Hana
Episodes: 11
Insights: I heard positive reviews about this anime. They say that it is sad, and heartwarming so i decided to try it out. The anime executed the scenes fluidly and i was touched by the sudden change of friendship among the childhood pack. I'm quite sensitive when it comes to friendship plots, or even stories about the separation of friends. Its all too realistic to me and it gives the anime more of an impact towards how i feel. I'll try not to be so biased in the review. So here i go.

Sorry guys, but upon reading most of my posts, I have detected too many erroneous grammar mistakes in my reviews. Waah. Pardon for my incompetent language skills. I'm not too fond of proof reading my reviews   after finishing a draft/paragraph.

Just a reminder.
PS: The days has been dreary for me so it would take some time to post another review.

Complete Anime Series Review: No. 6
Episodes: 11
Insights: Saw this on some reviews and thought of trying it out. Although i was expecting it to be really good, i i find its quality quite normal. I build my impression as early as the first episode and it was a little boring. The middle part was a little boring too, then the end came and it became okay. There wasn't any outstanding thing to mention except for the .. kissing part. Though it became a commotion, and i was pretty shocked too. Nevertheless its an anime that is okay, but i wouldn't recommend it to my friends.

Honor Roll 5: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
Insights: I really liked this comedy series. It made me laugh all the way till the end. Sagara is so immersed in his military hobby/work as to apply all of his military knowledge in a daily basis. I mean, by thinking things exaggeratedly. Anime fans who love comedy should watch this.

Complete Anime Series Review: Mirai Nikki
Episodes: 26
Insights: Finally, another horror, psycho anime to enjoy myself. From its first screening, i definitely had set my eyes upon this anime (and several more). The cover did't reveal much and the main character isn't as charming as the girl in pink however, its apparent that the series will be as eerie and fun. The story focuses on Yuki, an apatethic student who writes every possible event he sees on his cellphone diary. Then one day, Deus Ex Machina, the god of time and space, granted him a future diary. The diary had special powers so there was a catch; there are also others who own a diary.. and only one should live.

Complete Anime Series: Angel Beats!
Episodes: 12
Insights: Not your ordinary school based anime series.The start didn't captivated my interest. There are many unexplained events pertaining to the "Angel" and why they fight it. All i know is the beginning showed the students fighting against angel because they rebel against God. The life spent by these individuals aren't fully satisfied and it ended on a bitter end. However, in this second life which takes place in a school. they can relive their missed moments weren't spent and prolong their lived lives. I liked the concept of the story but it should have been great if there weren't loose threads.


Characters: This should have been the greatest asset of Angel Beats if it weren't for the abrupt ending that left me with a lot of questions. I liked the main protagonist, and also the supporting characters. The back stories of the cast where quite realistic, although i could argue with the pink haired girl (sorry forgot the name). Some parts were slow to me and i find it a bit boring. Anyhow, there are only selective people on the cast revealed their past lives excluding the most mysterious person in the series angel, or should i say Kanade. It brought the anime rolling down the pavement and hitting the floor hard.
Score: 2.5/5

Plot: As i have said earlier, i liked the plot concept. It has originality and uniqueness in most of the animes i have watched. It was good, although it lacks the entertainment essence. I expected a lot from the anime because many have said that it was a must see anime, therefore, i need to watch it. So i was placing high hopes, i don't know, but it didn't reached my expectations. The story was good, confusing at times, and slow but i was waiting for it to explode and it apparently raise my hopes for it. It gave me a disappointing since the anime was on the ordinary, and the story is just straight line until the end. Maybe i was on the wrong to, expecting too much from the anime eventually set a standard of quality. Nevertheless, the concept was good, i think it was the only thing that is good in the plot.
Score: 3/5

Animation: The animation is nice. I'm in love with the way the eyes were drawn and colored. Looking through it is like looking into a deep abyss. (Seriously). Whenever someone asks me what is the best thing i remembered on Angel Beats, i tell them its their eyes (and the music). The details weren't so thoroughly worked out but it still good. Animations that you see in Clannad, Air is similar to this series. Nothing too special to mention.
Score: 4/5

Music: This is what i love about Angel Beats! Its the beautiful OP and END song of the series. The piano piece played by Kanade in the beginning is superb. I'm inlove with it. Actually, i've been trying to learn the song for days now. The piece is very hard to learn though, and i got stuck in the 1st sequence, but still, i do not fail to listen to this beautiful song over and over again. Definitely very addictive!
Score: 5/5

Overall: 3/5

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